A visit to the Harry Potter Expo

Quite some time ago, I visited the Harry Potter Expo in Utrecht with my friend V. We had been meaning to go for a while, but then life got in the way of things. Mostly my life though, because I was writing my bachelor's thesis at the time, so basically all I did was live and breathe thesis related stuff. I was in full hermit mode, but eventually you do need a break and what better way to relax than to immerse myself in one of my favourite fandoms?

The expo in Utrecht wasn't exceptionally large, but it was nice enough for the money you paid to get in. You could definitely tell where most of their revenue will have come from though: photos and souvenirs. Before entering the exhibition, you had the opportunity to dress up as a Hogwarts student and have your picture taken. V. and I thought this would be fun to do and it was. For a moment, I felt like the true Ravenclaw I had always been, wearing a Ravenclaw scarf around my neck proudly waving Hermione's wand around. Growing up, I always identified a lot with Hermione, because like her, I also got most of my knowledge from books and didn't have that many friends. Actually taking said picture home with you was a different story. It was insanely expensive, especially when you consider that they only take two pictures of you, standing in front of a green screen, and that's it. If there was some heavy photoshopping involved, I would understand, but those prices... man, I still can't get over them.

The collection of items they had on display was really lovely though. It was organized mostly chronologically, and there were some very clear themes to be distinguished within the whole. There was a section on Herbology, for example, where you could unearth a mandrake and there was also a section dedicated to professors' costumes and props, such as wands and things they would have used in their classrooms or offices. One of the above pictures shows that horrid quill for example, that Umbridge made Harry use. There was definitely a lot to be seen, but when the topic is one of your favourite fandoms it's never enough, isn't it?

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