My Instagram week #1

Last Saturday, I went to our local cat café with my dear friend M. I love cats so much, but sadly, I don't have a cat of my own. I do hope to get one at some point in the future though, when I've got a place of my own. Going to a cat café is a great way to interact with some kitties and enjoy some drinks with a friend. Afterwards, we had some cocktails. I tried a raspberry mojito and it was really delicious! Later on, we went out to dinner and had sushi. Sushi is one of my favourite foods and I can never get enough of it.

Last Thursday, I had a latin exam at my university. I prepared this one a lot better than the mid-term exam, as you can tell from the extensive notes I made on verb conjugations in my notebook.

Later on, on Thursday night, I went out with my friend and classmate J., to celebrate the fact that I got accepted into the research master's programme of my choice. We went to this amazing Italian restaurant and I had the most delicious steak ever!


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