The ritual of ayurveda | Rituals Cosmetics review

Rituals is a well-known 'luxury' brand in The Netherlands. Their products are still affordable, but they definitely place themselves in the market as being able to give you a more luxurious shower/bath experience than any other brand. Every line of products they have is called 'the ritual of...'. The one I got is called the ritual of ayurveda and the products have a very sweet and feminine scent.

I got the products demo-ed in a store and the lady explained all steps to me. The first step is nourishing your skin with a shower oil. This one is called yogi delight and contains almond oil, to smooth your skin. This product feels very oily at first, but when you apply it in the shower it starts to foam, just like any other product you'd use in the shower, which I like very much. I was a bit afraid that this would leave an oily film on my skin after rinsing it off, but that wasn't the case and even though I have acne prone skin, this product hasn't broken me out.

The second step is scrubbing your skin. This particular line of products offers a sea salt scrub to do that, but Rituals also has several sugar scrubs if you prefer those, and they also have a more mild scrub, for everyday use within this particular line of products. I really liked this product during the demo though, so that's the one I purchased. This scrub has a very unique scent to it. It has the rose scent like the rest of this line, but they've also added some eucalyptus to it, which gives off a very strong minty smell. I really like that personally, but the eucalyptus can be a bit overwhelming and may not be for everyone. This is definitely a product you need to smell in-store, to get an impression of, if you're not sure you would like it. I love how the sea salt melts on your skin while you're scrubbing and it seriously made my skin feel so soft, it's incredible.

After scrubbing, the following step is applying this shower foam, to clean your skin. This product is called yogi flow and the scent isn't as strong with this product as with the others. To be honest, I almost felt like I was applying shaving cream to my body when I was using this. It comes out of the can like a liquid and then becomes a foam, just like shaving cream. It's nice, but it didn't blow my mind and I'm not sure I would repurchase when I've finished it, because there are so many lovely shower gels out there and this one just didn't particularly stand out.

The final step is moisturising your skin and I bought two very different products you could use to do that. The first one is this body cream. I've always loved Rituals' body creams. They have the best scents and they actually have a positive effect on my skin. I've also used body butters from The Body Shop, but those usually just make my skin feel sticky and don't do anything much besides that. This particular body cream is very lightweight and smells gorgeous.

The other moisturising product I got was this body oil. I've never before used a body oil and I was curious to see if it was something I would like. I still have mixed feelings about this product, because I don't feel like it did much more than a regular body cream would do for my skin, but it costs more, so I'm not sure if it's worth the extra money.

-Which product from this line would you guys like to try?


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